Used cars are more common now to buy at car dealerships in Hartford Connecticut – Used Car Dealers in CT

used car financing in Hartford CTThere are a lot more used cars on the road than new cars and you know why? Its simple no one can afford a new car anymore and live a good life.

Driving a used car is common in Connecticut

Well it seems that way. 95% of people drive a used car and 5% of them buy new cars every 2 years or so.


So what does that mean for car dealerships in Hartford Connecticut? It means they want you to come in and look at new cars and see if you can get financed for one.

Your credit score for a new car in Connecticut

The only problem is that to get a good deal on new car financing you need to have a 700 credit score or better. A 725 credit score is good that will allow you to have an interest rate of 3-4% on the car.


And you might have the option of no money down for the used car at your Hartford Connecticut car dealer. But we do recommend that you put some money down to soften your monthly payment on the new car.


The more of a down payment you have the better the monthly payment will be.

Look at used cars first in Hartford Connecticut

But we honestly recommend that you look at the used cars in Hartford before you go looking at new cars. There are always better financing options for them. is a great place to start comparing trade ins and numbers for used cars.


If you have less than perfect credit we can help you find financing locally in Hartford Connecticut and it doesn’t cost you anything to get started. Use our simple auto loan form.

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