Houston Texas special finance auto loansYou don’t want to feel like you have been bamboozled when your buying a used car so our suggestion to you is a simple one ask the car dealer a ton of question on the spot.

Used car dealers in Houston Texas with bad credit auto financing

Look at all the car dealerships options on cars even the certified pre-owned ones, you might find a gem in there with low miles and only 2 years old.


Also, work on getting pre-approved for the car of your choosing that can always help. Because the last thing you want to happen is that you fall in love with this car but you have bad credit and the car dealership has to deny your auto loan.

Look at certified pre-owned cars in Houston Texas

Houston Texas car loans for bad credit
Its an uneasy feeling and we know it. That’s why we are here to help you weed through the used cars and find the right car for you. There are a ton of used cars on the road that are affordable and on CPO lots.


We have been set up to help you find the car dealership that has the auto financing for your bad credit so when you find the car you like we want to send you to that car dealership to sign for the used car. Simple!


Well we would like to think so. But you have to be ready fill out the auto loan form for the used car in Houston Texas and we go from there.


We have hundreds of auto loan experts that are ready to show you used cars that you qualify for in Houston and it takes minutes to hear from the car dealership about the financing.

How we get financing for used cars in Houston Texas

Houston TX subprime auto loans
Because see we work with car dealers in Houston Texas that have the auto lenders that can risk on a used car with bad credit. Not very many used car dealers can do that.


A lot of used car dealers want only finance you if you have a 620 credit score which is good for a car but nothing below and that’s why you get denied at the car dealership.


Even if you have good credit and want to buy a car the banks look at your debt to income ratio and determine the interest rate for the used car.


The better the credit score the better your rate will be and a 620 is 5.1% which isn’t bad but that is high for a car buyer in some income areas.

So if you can get the price down on the used car it will be in your favor and we can help you with that too. You never want to give a used car dealer the asking price for the used car.


You want to have room to talk with the car dealer and if they don’t want to come down your next move is to walk and spend money elsewhere. Maybe at a no money down used car dealer in Houston Texas.