Enjoy Low Interest Rate Car Loans At A Credit Union

credit union car loans low interest ratesRight now you can join many credit unions across the nation to get the beat deals on auto loans. With rates as low as 1.75% APR and that is from most of your local credit unions, so it might pay off to get an auto loan through a credit union


Were not talking a $99 car payment but depending on your credit you might be able to get something close to it. The 1.75% is for new or used vehicles as old as 2011.


The loan term is up to 60 months and you can even refinance your existing auto loan its up to you. There are a lot of people going to credit unions to get a better rate for an auto loan in their local area.


Credit unions offer much more than auto loans, they can offer:

  • Some of the best savings on other loans besides auto loans
  • Fewer fees and less of a balance requirements, some credit unions only need $5 in your checking or savings
  • You have access to a wide selection of financial services


So it will be a good idea to see what your local credit union can do for you with your next car loan, who knows you may have a smaller car payment with the credit you have.

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