Stop The Unending Rejections of Subprime Car Loans in York PA

Are you tired of constant-unending rejection from auto lenders because of bad credit history? Is bad credit proving to be your enemy in securing a car loan? Well we have the answer for you.

subprime auto loans York PA

We get more auto loans approved in York PA for people that are struggling with bad credit or subprime credit.

We would love to see everyone that comes to us get a car. 92% of all car loans are approved in York PA that is subprime auto loans.

Something that can however, hurt your chances of buying a car in York PA or anywhere for that matter is late payments.

You always want to be on time with your auto loan payment or else it can reflect poorly on your subprime auto loan in York PA.

A good auto loan rate to get with subprime credit is 2-3% but sometimes you will see rates up in the 7-8% range and that is going to kill your credit if you are late.

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