Can You Lease a Car With Bad Credit in Virginia?

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Is leasing a car in Virginia a good idea with bad credit? We answer this question a lot but to be honest there are so many gray areas around the question.

But the short answer is this if you have really bad credit like fewer than 600 you will need a co-signer to lease the vehicle.

subprime lenders auto loans Glen Haven GABut here is a checklist of things you can do before you have to get that co-signer for a lease vehicle in Virginia. I personally would try and buy a used car off a Virginia car lot and see what kind of price I can get down too with the car dealership.

The options for a car lease with bad credit

With either case, you have to start with the following for any car purchase you might be doing.

  • Check your credit report its important to a lot of car dealerships you want to make sure the car dealer can take on the auto loan you’re looking for. You also want to just make sure your credit report is on the up and up.
  • Work on your credit. Improving your credit improves your odds of leasing a vehicle. If you have an old credit card start using it again but pay off the balance once you get the bill. Using some of your credit isn’t a bad game plan if you’re smart about it.
  • Sometimes car dealers just don’t want to lease cars to bad credit you can try and have a car lease assumption seller assigned to you. But you have to negotiate what the lease amount is going to be.

What we can do for you on the car dealer side in Virginia

Bottom line here is that working on crushing your debts for a higher credit score for a car in Virginia should be your main focus and if you need help with that?

We can connect you to a low payment car dealership in Virginia or even a buy here pay here car dealership if you want to go the used car route.

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