The Proper Way to Jump Your Used Car

So this is going to be somewhat simple. I am going to give you a checklist of how you want to jump your car if you need to.

For most, it’s scary because it’s not every day you need to jump your car and if you do? It might be time to look for a newer car or another form of transportation.

A newer car or a preowned car will do just make sure of two things one that it has a reliable battery and two that it has low miles.

Those can be two things people don’t seem to watch out for believe it or not. But let’s get into it with jumping a car. (This works for any car new or used.) I don’t know why you would need to jump a new car that might be a warning sign you need to take it back to the car dealer.

Jumping your vehicle anytime

You want to start with both cars off.

  1. red on dead +
  2. red on donor car +
  3. Black on donor car –
  4. Black on bare metal
  5. Now start donors car
  6. Start dead car
  7. Than remove 4-3-2-1 and you’re done.

Anyone can do this it just takes a few seconds and your set to go. If your jumping a car more than twice a week you need to look for a newer car.

Car dealers near Nashville Tennessee

Nashville TN subprime auto loans

There are multiple car dealers we can connect you with for newer cars or even preowned certified cars in Nashville with low miles and low down payment options that’s why they are appealing to car buyers.

Preowned cars are becoming the way to go in Nashville Tennessee because of the low cost and maintenance. Preowned certified cars are inspected from the car dealership before being put out on any used car lots.

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