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Helping People in Atlanta With Subprime Credit Car Loans

Having bad credit in the Atlanta area is the pits but but we can help you get the vehicle you want in the 404 area code without the hassles of big branch lenders breathing down your neck….

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Shopping For A $99 Car Payment in Atlanta GA

No matter what you’re shopping for, we want you to get a deal you’ll be proud of. To make that happen, we’ve priced our used car loan rates as low as our new car rates in Atlanta….

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Own a Vehicle in Atlanta $99 A Month

Owning a vehicle has become a necessity among people as traveling has become a regular activity for different reasons like work, leisure and others. Thus, everyone prefers to buy a car that as a low payment like $99 in Atlanta. …

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Trusted Auto Loan Provider For Bad Credit in Atlanta

We are the trusted auto loan provider for the Atlanta area. We have just announced our new guaranteed auto loan approval program that works for any one with low credit and wants to buy a car. Good credit, problem credit, no credit. No problem! Arrange your next car loan with us, 99 Dollar car payments can help you get the car you want to drive….