After strenuous negotiations with auto financiers for bad credit, the industry leading source, $99 Car Payments, has announced a 100% approval rate for no credit check auto loans .


Consumers making over 1400 a month are qualified for an auto loan of up to $35,000 on a new or used car. However, $99 Car Payments warns that this approval rate is likely to not last long.


This 100% approval rate, the product of negotiations with  bad credit auto financiers and bad credit dealerships nationwide, means that people have ready access to affordable lending. Now, everyone is approved online. Simply by filling out their online form, $99 Car Payments connects their application with a pre approved local lender who meets the highest standards for service and customer satisfaction.


So you can apply today and drive tomorrow with no issues at all the application can take up to 48 hours to process but you may be able to get a car at the end of the process.

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